Releasing emotional baggage
Creating beliefs that serve you
Learning how to love yourself
Transforming your life

PSYCH-K® Sessions

What is PSYCH-K®?

PSYCH-K® is a very simple, yet profound way to help you quickly transform your limiting beliefs, so you can experience greater freedom, joy of life and expansion. The work happens at the subconscious level of the mind, where all behaviour, both constructive and destructive originates from. Even if you experienced challenges for years, you can make lasting changes in a matter of one or a few sessions. To find out more about this revolutionary process click on the falcon image below.

One-off session

The session is an opportunity to discuss your challenge and identify ways in which you would like your life to change. We then engage in the processes such as creating new enhancing beliefs, transforming perception of a stressful situation that prevents you from moving forward, or even checking if there are any messages for you in relation to the issue you have worked on without success. Transforming perceptions and installing new empowering beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind allows you to move forward and create new life experiences.

Investment: £130

A package of sessions

Sometimes, to see the change we want, we need to address numerous beliefs that contribute to the challenges arising. What may be playing out in our life are not only patterns created in our childhood or later life, but also those inherited from our ancestors. Other times we identify and address secondary gains that sit beneath our apparent challenges. For these reasons you may find three (or more) sessions beneficial for you.

Investment in 3 sessions: £330

Investment in 6 sessions: £630

Each session lasts 75 minutes

Soul Plan Readings

What is a Soul Plan?

If you are unsure what you truly want in life, feel anxious and unfulfilled, wondering why your challenges perpetuate and what are the talents you haven’t yet tapped into to overcome them, understanding your Soul Plan may be a truly transformative and healing experience. Soul Plan is a blueprint for your life that will help you deepen the understanding of your life and core essence, activate that which can help you overcome your challenges and crystallise your vision for the future, so you can fulfil your highest potential in this life. Soul Plan has its roots in the ancient Hebrew texts and uses your full birth name as your dominant vibration, which remains as the major influence through out your life. Find out more about Soul Plan.

Soul Plan Reading Session

The session will provide an interpretation and dialogue about your challenges, talents, goals, and soul destiny or quintessence. The session ends with a gentle and soothing Soul Plan healing and higher purpose alignment. You will receive your Soul Plan Reading report following the session.

Investment: £130

This session lasts 90 minutes

Quantum Leap Programme

The programme includes a Soul Plan Reading, coaching and PSYCH-K® sessions to enable a truly in-depth work and powerful change in your life. The Quantum Leap kind of change…!

This programme will benefit those who feel stuck and dissatisfied with life, and those with less realisation as to where to turn and how to find more fulfilment in life.

The programme will begin with a Soul Plan Reading. You will deeply enhance your awareness and gain greater understanding of yourself and your circumstances, enabling you to set intentions for the programme and tend to the areas of life that are most important for your transformation.

You will change the limiting beliefs that contribute to the challenges you experience and address any secondary gains that may keep you stuck. In this forward looking process, you will integrate enhancing beliefs using PSYCH-K®. We will address them in a supportive and compassionate way to bring about the freedom and flourishing you have been so long yearning for.

Investment: £630

1 x Soul Plan Reading 90 min, other sessions 75 min

Empowered Highly Sensitive Person & Empath Programme

The programme has been designed to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths thrive in life. Typically, these awesome sensitive people are conditioned to fit in with today society’s mainstream values and standards, which do not align with their natural abilities and qualities. When understood and embraced, they can be a real gift in life.

My own experience of discovering and embracing my own highly sensitive and empathic qualities means that I understand what you may be experiencing, and using my intuitive gift I will ask the right questions and choose tools and processes that will best serve you.

The programme encompasses a mix of coaching sessions, self-reflective exercises and PSYCH-K® sessions for a chance of an ultimate transformation experience. During the programme we can focus on:

  • understanding your true nature including your biology, personality, strengths, values and a sense of purpose in life
  • self acceptance, self-compassion and self-care
  • working with limiting beliefs that you adopted about yourself and transforming stressful situations that you encountered as an HSP/ Empath
  • aligning your life, your relationships, work and hobbies with your strengths, values and purpose…

…so you can live your life authentically and fully.

You have the potential within you to become an empowered, thriving, unapologetically sensitive and empathic you!

Our world has been increasingly shutting down the collective human heart. Therefore loving yourself is the greatest revolution you can start. It is my belief that you have a very special role in our world – to show others how to connect to their humanity, the ability to feel and discern with our heart. You and your gifts are very much needed!

Investment in this 6-sessions programme: £600

Sessions last 75 min each