Soul Plan Readings

What is a Soul Plan?

If you are unsure what you truly want in life, feel anxious and unfulfilled, wondering why your challenges perpetuate and what are the talents you haven’t yet tapped into to overcome these challenges, understanding your Soul Plan may be a truly transformative and healing experience. Soul Plan can be described as a blueprint for your life, that will help you deepen the understanding of your experiences and your core authentic essence, activate that which can help you overcome your challenges and crystallise your vision for the future, so you can fulfil your highest potential in this life. Soul Plan has its roots in the ancient texts and numerology, and uses your full birth name as your dominant vibration, which remains as the major influence throughout your life. Find out more about Soul Plan.

Soul Plan Reading Session

The session will provide an interpretation and dialogue about your challenges, talents, goals, and soul destiny or quintessence. It ends with a soothing Soul Plan healing and higher purpose alignment to help you activate and embody your highest purpose in life. You will receive your Soul Plan Reading report and the recording of the session, so you can refer to it time and time again whenever you need to.

Investment: £130

This session lasts 90 minutes and is delivered via Zoom