Releasing emotional baggage
Creating beliefs that serve you
Learning how to love yourself
Transforming your life

Quantum Leap Programme

The programme includes coaching, Soul Plan Reading, PSYCH-K® and Reiki to enable a truly in-depth work and powerful change in your life. The Quantum Leap kind of change…! 

This programme will benefit those who feel stuck and dissatisfied with life, and those with less realisation as to where to turn and how to find more fulfilment in life.

Our work together will normally begin with a Soul Plan Reading. Through this reading you will gain greater understanding of yourself and your circumstances, enabling you to set intentions for the programme and tend to the areas of life that are most important for your transformation.

Depending on the needs, in the initial stages we can also incorporate Reiki to restore the necessary balance in the mental, emotional and physical bodies, from which powerful work can start. 

You will identify the limiting beliefs that contribute to the challenges you experience and address any secondary gains that may keep you stuck. We will address them in a supportive and compassionate way. From there you will be ready to integrate enhancing beliefs using PSYCH-K® and bring about the freedom and flourishing you have been so long yearning for.

The programme can be delivered entirely online via Zoom. In-person sessions are also possible in South-West London.


1 x Soul Plan Reading 90 min, other sessions 75 min – £600

1 x Soul Plan Reading 90 min, other sessions 60 min – £530