Releasing emotional baggage
Creating beliefs that serve you
Learning how to love yourself
Transforming your life

Empowered Highly Sensitive Person & Empath Programme

The programme has been designed to help Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Empaths thrive in life. Typically, these awesome sensitive people are conditioned to fit in with today society’s mainstream values and standards, which do not align with their natural abilities and qualities. When understood and embraced, they can be a real gift in life.

My own experience of discovering and embracing my own highly sensitive and empathic qualities means that I understand what you may be experiencing, and using my intuitive gift I will ask the right questions and choose tools and processes that will best serve you.

The programme encompasses a mix of coaching sessions, self-reflective exercises and PSYCH-K® sessions for a chance of an ultimate transformation experience. Depending on the needs, in the initial stages we can also incorporate Reiki to restore the necessary balance in the mental, emotional and physical bodies, from which powerful work can start. During the programme we can focus on:

  • understanding your true nature including your biology, personality, strengths, values and a sense of purpose in life
  • self acceptance, self-compassion and self-care
  • working with limiting beliefs that you adopted about yourself and transforming stressful situations that you encountered as an HSP/ Empath
  • aligning your life, your relationships, work and hobbies with your strengths, values and purpose…

…so you can live your life authentically and fully.

You have the potential within you to become an empowered, thriving, unapologetically sensitive and empathic you!

Our world has been increasingly shutting down the collective human heart. Therefore loving yourself is the greatest revolution you can start. It is my belief that you have a very special role in our world – to show others how to connect to their humanity, the ability to feel and discern with our heart. You and your gifts are very much needed!

Investment in this 6-sessions programme:

1hr15min – £600

1hr – £480

The programme can be delivered entirely online via Zoom. In-person sessions are also possible in South-West London.