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Emotion Code® Sessions

What is Emotion Code®?

Emotion Code® is a form of energy healing that helps to release emotional baggage (trapped emotions) that contribute to our physical, mental or emotional challenges or undesirable life circumstances. 

Throughout our lives we all experience emotionally difficult situations and the associated negative emotions. Negative emotions only get trapped in our bodies when we don’t properly process them. Our unhealthy coping mechanism is often to suppress or repress the negative emotions when they arise. Our emotional baggage is therefore a collection of trapped emotions, which is a negative emotional energy residing in our bodies, contributing to our emotional, mental or physical challenges over a longer period of time.

Clearing trapped emotions can have a wonderful impact on our lives. Over the years people have reported all kinds of emotional, mental or physical healing. Though it’s important to know that Emotion Code® doesn’t heal – it helps to restore emotional balance. Through achieving this natural state of homeostasis, our emotions, mind and body can self-heal. This includes physical pain or diseases, allergies, chronic anxiety or depression, finding confidence and a sense of self-esteem, moving on in life, clearing phobias, PTSD, dissolving creative blocks and much more! It’s also important to note that when issues have been present for many years, it can take more sessions to clear the associated trapped emotions.

Emotion Code® Sessions

At the beginning of the session we establish the intention, i.e. what area of your life you would like to transform. We then identify and release trapped emotions as guided by your subconscious. You can release anything between 8 to 12 trapped emotions in one session and you will then usually need a few days’ break to allow the emotional release to be processed fully.

Investment in 1 session: £60

Investment in 5 and more sessions: £50 per session

Each session lasts 30-35 minutes

Heart Wall Clearing

If you are a human being that has lived a life for a while, it is very likely that you will have a Heart Wall. A Heart Wall is a barrier against emotional pain and a protective layer made up of trapped emotions. 

A Heart Wall can be helpful when you need it, as it helps you deal with emotionally difficult situations and dulls the sensations of heartache. On the other hand, when the painful circumstances pass, the Heart Wall will prevent us from living our lives fully. This can manifest itself as disconnection from others, inability to find a romantic partner, over-reliance on brain and logical mind, impeded intuition and empathy, lack of motivation or joy, feeling stuck in the comfort zone, creativity block or lack of inspiration, and self-sabotage of all kinds. On a physical level, it can manifest itself as neck, shoulder or chest discomfort, fatigue, respiratory issues, lower immune system function or chronic health issues. 

Clearing a Heart Wall can make a breakthrough in any of the above mentioned areas. It is common to feel lighter and happier, be able to create deeper connections with others, have more empathy, be more collaborative, find greater success and creativity, experience more love, feel more calm and confident, and feel better physically.

5 x 30 min sessions: £250