Transformational life coach, PSYCH-K® facilitator, Emotion Code®, Soul Plan, Reiki and Healing Circles practitioner

Alchemy of Wholeness Dominika Sarosiek

I’m Dominika, an intuitive transformational life coach, PSYCH-K® preferred facilitator, Emotion Code®, Soul Plan, and Reiki practitioner dedicated to enabling healing, growth and lasting positive changes in people’s lives. I have also trained as a Healing Circles host to expand my one to one work to groups of people. My professional background is also in learning & development,  in the UK’s non-profit sector, where I have extensively worked with others, supporting their growth and development through delivering coaching, facilitation and training.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Healing Circle Host Level 1 & 2, Healing Circles Global 
  • PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation
  • PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration
  • PSYCH-K® Basic
  • Emotion Code® Certified Practitioner
  • Soul Plan Practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner Level 1 & 2
  • Ho’oponopono Practitioner
  • Coaching Level 1 & 2, Performance Consultants International
  • MSc Human Resources Management

My story & philosophy

Growing up in a chaotic home and experiencing many limitations during my early adult life was my initiatic path. It set me on a journey of healing and profound interest in the human psyche. These experiences awoke in me a sense of compassion and a desire to work with other human beings to help them heal and free themselves from the limitations of the conditioning we picked up from our unhealed guardians and the societal norms that do not serve us. 

Over the years, I have been immersing myself in various teachings to discover the universal wisdom that allows us to transform our experience into one of greater Love, Peace, Joy and Grace. I engaged in study with the Science of Mind (where Louise Hay trained before she started the self-help and spiritual movement we know today), The School of Metaphysics, UK or the College of Psychic Studies in London. Transformational coaching, PSYCH-K®, Emotion Code®, Soul Plan, Reiki and Healing Circles have personally helped me heal, transform, and find inner balance and power. I am also inspired by profound simplicity of ’Ho’oponopono‘, the ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving, which I trained in too. My life and work are very much informed by these studies and inspiration drawn from various spiritual philosophies, spiritual alchemy, positive psychology, non-violent communication and neuroscience.

I cultivate my own presence by practising daily contemplation, meditation and yoga. Going inside allows me to awaken the ancient wisdom dormant within me. Guided from within, I am forever moving towards realisation of Wholeness, of myself, others, Mother Earth… everything that is.

I believe in Love as the highest transformative force in the world

I have a deep sense that humanity is entering a new era. One where both feminine and masculine principles are expressed in balance and honoured, resulting in a state of Wholeness. 

I believe we are beginning to bring the heart into the equation of our life and I am filled with joy at the signs of this around me. I can see so clearly how old ideas and old mindsets no longer work in today’s world. In my work with clients and beyond, I witness how energies are stirred up deep within us for a fuller, more purposeful, heart-based conscious living and to unravel the ego-based structures. 

The change can seem hard, as we are being sucked into the old patterns of behaviour that keep us limited. During this transition we may experience a battle of the ego, because it desperately wants to maintain the status quo to keep us safe. 

Once we invest ourselves in the inner work to move away from fear-based towards love-based thinking, feeling and acting – we will profoundly shift our lives. This is what I refer to as the transmutation of  ‘internal lead of the ego’ into ‘gold of divine consciousness’.