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Creating beliefs that serve you
Learning how to love yourself
Transforming your life

Breaking our addiction to struggle

Is your life filled with struggle?

We seem to feel deserving only when we put the effort and sweat in to make things happen… We glorify hard work and feel like we are worth something only when we almost drive ourselves to the ground. We feel noble and deserving. When things come effortlessly to us, we diminish our success or even are apologetic! Has this idea ever occurred strange to you? I started to wonder…

Where does this mindset come from? Our social norms were shaped over time as humanity was evolving. Our first ancestors struggled for survival. Our cells have the memory of being chased by predators, needing to find food, seek shelter and safety to sleep and reproduce. In the times of feudalism we worked hard to give most of the income to those who were atop the hierarchy in the system – we needed this system for structure and safety, to survive. In the industrial era, the harder we worked the greater the output, the richer we became. From there the way was paved to capitalism that values competition and hard work. Our economical, political and religious systems taught us that hard work and even suffering are a way of life.

Today we shame those who do not work hard. We reward and praise those who do. We feel deserving when we’ve suffered enough. We were taught hard work and even suffering are a virtue, but are they? Is this the thinking we need today?…

Let’s ask ourselves even a deeper question, why did humanity create systems in which most were giving their power away to the few on top of the societal structure? Why is hard work a virtue? Because we have never believed in and discovered our own power to effortlessly create the world we want and we are convinced struggle is our destiny.

So many experiences of humans leading up to today were dictated by the need for survival and a sense of disempowerment… it is time to flip this belief system on its head!

Through identification and conscious connection with our own divine aspects, we can liberate ourselves from the limitations we still carry in our own psyche and the cells of our bodies…

We have mastered the survival mode to a perfection, now it is our time to thrive. We don’t have to earn our rest either. Suffering, struggle and effort are merely a program we bought into.

We are on this sweet planet earth to learn the secret of how to enjoy life and create abundantly from our hearts and empowered mindsets – the choice is ours!