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The gift of today

The recent months have been a time of humility in the face of things not going according to plan and some very painful events happening, including a loss.

My ego self has fought viciously the unfolding volatility. It needed to control, have reassurances, have things stay as they are and resist pain.

It has also been a time of learning to trust myself, the journey and the Universe and gaining a deep understanding that predictability, safety, resisting the painful prospects, however scary they are, all limit us, keep us in a cage inhibiting growth.

I am learning about openness, welcoming that which unfolds and letting go of the preconceived ideas for what my life and its events should be. 

Whilst I have a juicy vision for my life, I am also having a deep realisation that the only thing worth our attention is today. I have heard a million times before about the value of living ‘in the now’. With life stripping me of my defences, I started learning about the true meaning of this wisdom.

I am learning about letting go of regret, worry and meticulous plans and taking responsibility for what is showing up in my life today and how I live this experience.

I am learning to approach today with Love and breathe deeply through and experience fully whatever shows up, whether I judge it as positive and negative. When I give in to Love and choose Grace, Hope, Trust and Joy, I flow with the river of life, even become that flow.

Have you noticed that we attract into our life that which ‘we are’, that which is corresponding with our current state of being? The tomorrow we create depends on how well we take responsibility for today. The present moment is our opportunity, our point of power.

Life is beautiful and if we let it, full of deep realisations allowing us to grow.

With Love,