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The subtle whisper within

Do you lack a spark inside, feel stuck, anxious or unfulfilled? When was the last time you tuned in and followed the subtle whisper within?

Do you know that your intuition, your inner wisdom, has your best and highest interest at heart at all times? If you are a highly sensitive, empathic soul it is particularly important for you.

Your intuition whispers quietly. It is not loud and never in your face.

There was a time when I felt lost, using my logical brain to guide me and dismissing the quiet voice. Because ‘the quiet voice’s option’ seemed too impractical, because no-one is doing it, because I am not talented enough, because it doesn’t pay well enough, because I don’t know where to start, because so much is invested in something else already, because others will not approve, because others will be upset, because it does not make sense… I put these shackles on and sacrificed my true self, numbing my feelings along the way. I experienced lack of motivation, felt frustrated, stuck and at the end if my wits. 

I am a student of a heart-based living now and I am learning things do not have to make sense. They have to feel good. They have to feel right. They have to feel like I am home. 

This goes against our society’s and scientific thinking, rooted in the newtonian physics law, where the world is mechanical, logical and linear (which many of the more recent disciplines such as quantum physics and theory of chaos challenge!). Therefore, our well conditioned, logical brain needs reassurances and will throw all these obstacles to feel safe. 

The heart’s way is to take a leap of faith based on a feeling. 

Being guided by feelings is the source of empath’s greatest power. Honouring the intuition, you can reach the state of joy, harmony, fulfilment, live to your highest potential.

What is at stake? The most precious commodity we have as human beings – the peace of mind, joy, our wellbeing.

I know this because? I’ve learnt to observe the events of my life. When I don’t listen to my intuition (even if it is about the timing of a phone call!), I pay a price, often in the form of emotional turbulence, upset, difficulties, blockages, unexpected obstacles, conflict or loss. I see it in other highly sensitive, creative and intuitive people too – I recently worked with someone who made important life choices that are not in alignment with who they truly are, resulting in a great degree of suffering.

One step at a time. One impulse of intuition at a time. We can be guided to bliss and sense of expansion, love and joy. Can you feel how powerful you can be?

All the wisdom you need resides within you. You have access to it today and at all times.

Through the heart-based coaching that I facilitate, you can tap into this wisdom and you can move on with greater clarity about who you truly are.

Much love,