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How to turn our ability to feel deeply into our true power

I have just returned from a two day Abraham Hicks seminar in Amsterdam. Needless to say I am fired up and inspired! I really want to share with you some of Abraham Hicks wisdom which I applied in my life as an empath. Empaths often complain about feeling too much and how overwhelming it can be. With these teachings I learned to use feelings as my source of power.

I had a difficult childhood. I was therefore conditioned to look out for danger and my thoughts were negatively biased for many years, creating very powerful neuropathways in my brain. Because empaths feel so intensely, I had stronger than others negative reactions to the challenging events of life. I often felt s**t, powerless and very distressed, and frankly I was fed up!

Little did I know about my power to be able to feel blissful very quickly and to create life that is more satisfying and inspiring.

Feeling intensely is not a curse, it is neutral in its nature. Like fire, that can warm us up or burn down a house. Like electricity, that can power appliances or electrocute someone. 

Generally speaking, feelings and inspired action create our circumstances much more powerfully than thinking and action alone. As I heard in Amsterdam – “Feel into being, not think into being!” 

Ability to feel intensely therefore means we are powerful creators of our reality. It is a tremendous positive power when we shift our attention to what’s working rather than what’s not. When our feelings are life affirming, wonderful things can happen! It takes a little discipline, but it is so worth it!

Abraham Hicks taught me that when we feel miserable, we need to soothe ourselves. We need to remove resistance brought by resistant thoughts. Resistant thoughts block innate joy, love, peace, wisdom and clarity from flowing into our lives. This can be achieved by going general about your problem issue. We want to reach out for a thought that is less specific, even though it may still be negative. Then from the general negative thought we move to general and then to general positive thought. As the momentum is growing, we can then reach out to specific positive thoughts. 

This makes a lot of sense to me! If you have ever tried positive affirmations and had no improvement whatsoever in how you felt, it is because the vibrational variance between where you are and where you want to be is too great.

I would suggest starting with something small, not the biggest challenge of your life, just to practice a little. Remember, your task is to always reach for a slightly better feeling thought.

Here is an example of this method in practice:

1. Specific negative. I don’t earn enough money. I can’t afford holidays to the Easter Island. It is my dream to travel there and I am so discouraged. I am never going to afford it if I earn this little. The jobs out there I can do don’t pay enough. The current economy sucks!

2. General negative. It can be hard in the competitive market, I wish I could find something better. I am not the only one in this situation, many others have dreams too that feel out of reach.

3. General. It is not necessary that I find something better right this hot moment. There is no real urgency here.

4. General positive. There are people out there who aren’t rich and traveled to exotic destinations, they must have done something right. My strong desire brought results for me in the past. It can sure manifest a better job for me in time. There must be jobs out there that pay more than I currently earn. I like the idea of imagining a new better paid job. I like believing that the emotions I feel are the investment in the future. I like believing the Universe supports me. 

5. Specific positive. I am looking forward to the job search. It is going to be fun knowing there are so many choices there. I like discovering the variety of options to choose from, it feels abundant. I am looking forward to the exciting journey of finding the next best possible job, in this never ending evolution and expansion of me which is life. I am looking forward to the abundance and possibilities life gives me, including travel to the Easter Island. I can feel it in my bones. I feel stimulated and alive knowing I will travel to my favourite spots on Earth. All is good!

Are you willing to give it a go? Take a journal and start with your Specific Negative thoughts. Then keep moving up the scale and see what happens! 

All challenges are a call for growth. When we practice soothing, meditate and purposely focus on what’s working in our lives, our vibration rises. We feel more inspired and blissful and our lives flow better. It is a powerful attractor pattern, which creates a positive ripple effect in all areas of our lives. 

Empaths need to learn to draw their power from how they feel. The key to finding our inner power is to get in the better feeling place. It is a place of inspiration directly from the Source, or however you choose to name the higher intelligence that governs the Universe.

I am a personal coach passionate about helping empaths thrive in life. If you are feeling a call for growth PM me for personal sessions or my Empowerment Programme.

Love and blessings 💚✨💫