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Fire within you

Deeply unlovable. This is how I felt for many years. I stubbornly rejected the notion that my overly humble, quiet, reflective, caring nature was of value in the go-getting, grabbing-what-you-want, who-is-on-top-matters, self-promoting, aggressive and competitive world I felt I lived in. Being different was a source of my pain.

Dazzled by the glamour of the outgoing, charming, funny, successful, smart and popular personalities around me, I made a big detour from my true self trying to be someone who I was not.

We are relational beings, destined to crave connection and belonging. So, I bent backwards and forwards to become more lovable and successful in my life, fitting into so many situations that were not serving me.

I was excellent at flexing and adapting. I am a damn good chameleon. 

Highly sensitive empaths, able to masterfully tune into the needs of others, can be brilliant at that. Our wants and needs enmesh with those of around us, if we are not realising our true nature.

I lost myself in the process adapting, mostly giving up my power to the outside world to show me how to be, rather than relying on my internal compass. It was a sacrifice I didn’t know I was going to pay for.

I departed so far from my true nature. At a point in my life when I felt miserable, unfulfilled and crippled by migraines and exhaustion, I turned inside to connect with myself more deeply. I allowed myself to feel the deepest desires and needs of my soul.

Burnt-out and burnt-down by the failed attempts to be someone who we are not, we can rise from the ashes.

We can discover a spark inside waiting to be re-kindled. In fact we may find that there is a powerful fire within us. 

It is time to empower that which has been suppressed for a long time. It is time to love ourselves fiercely, feel deep joy and be at peace. It is time to honour who we are, embrace our strengths and embody true inner power. 

Many highly sensitive, empathic people are metaphorical ugly ducklings unaware of their magnificence. 

Being different is the source of our power. We are brilliant, thoughtful, peace loving, caring, deep, intuitive, distinctive human beings, each destined to serve a purpose on earth. It is deeply ingrained in our nature to support life. And that which supports life is supported by life. 

If you are a highly sensitive, empathic individual who feels disconnected from your inner power and this post sparks curiosity in you, feel free to reach out to me. As a personal coach I wish to connect with those who feel ready to ignite the fire in their belly.

Much love,