Releasing emotional baggage
Creating beliefs that serve you
Learning how to love yourself
Transforming your life

Empowered you = GOLD

Have you ever forced yourself into situations and pushed yourself hard to elicit growth? It’s a great thing, isn’t it?

Yes…AND….there is a difference between being in the sphere of growth and the sphere of panic.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and Empath you have characteristics that make you different than ‘everybody else’ (80-85% of the population to be precise). And its an amazing thing in many regards! HOWEVER…

Your threshold for stress is different than most people, which can take you in the sphere of panic more quickly.

Your highly attuned nervous system means you will be easily overwhelmed by the crowds, too much time with people and too many things to do at once.

You process information very deeply and it may seem at first you are not catching on.

You may experience an overwhelming discomfort when you have to perform or learn in front of others.

Being stuck in a conversation with someone whose energy is repelling to you will lead you to an emotional exhaustion.

Others’ moods affect you. Have you ever felt perfectly good, walked into a shop and came out feeling frustrated and down?

Not knowing who we truly are, we put ourselves under pressure to perform like others and to conform with the societal norms. And, we may beat ourselves up for not always being able to do that. It is a strong involuntary urge, if we don’t fully realise who we are and we haven’t done any work on ourselves.

So, what you need is self discovery. Knowing the self is key. Because you and those around you have not valued your sensitivity, what you need is to give yourself plenty of support and love, so you can become empowered and thrive.

Empowered You is GOLD. 

You realise your truest strengths and talents and you grow in ways and areas that are right for you.

You skilfully manage your energy, your life force. 

Your self care is your priority. 

You set boundaries and deeply honour yourself – at all times. 

You start each day with clear intention, not merely drift in the sea of the emotions of others throughout the day. 

You are unapologetically empathic and you stand your ground, with kindness and open heart. 

You are creative and inspired. 

Your life flows. 

You fulfil your true purpose.

You emanate your inner strength.

As an HSP and an Empath I have a lived experience of growth from the place of ‘there is something inherently wrong with me’ to ‘everything is divinely perfect about me’ i.e. I know who I am, what are my limits, where and how I can flourish and what my purpose is.

As a coach I am passionate about assisting you to embrace the Empowered You, to tap into your inner GOLD. If your intuition tells you so, please get in touch. 

Much love to you,