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Beauty of owning high sensitivity and empathy

As a highly sensitive and empathic individual you may stand out…

Growing up, when you saw so much unhealthy competition around and every cell of your being cringed at participating – you could have appeared to be a loser or a coward for others. This is so very far from the truth.

When others manipulate the people or circumstances to get what they want and this is so against your nature, it can appear that you fall behind others. This is so very far from the truth.

When in the office meeting they put you down to make themselves look better and you refuse to play this childish game, it may appear that you are worse than them or you are not doing your job well. This is so very far from the truth.

When you are surrounded by non-stop talkers whilst your nature is to be quieter and thoughtful, it may appear that you have nothing to say or that you are dumb. This is so very far from the truth.

When you care about others’ feelings – you are told you are too sentimental and you will never be successful in the corporate environment. This is so very far from the truth.

When you are different from the majority and therefore the societal norms (the research suggests that there is only 15% to 20% of us in the world) and you have no one to help you realise your value, it is easy to fall into the trap of not liking yourself and thinking there is something wrong with you. One of our basic human needs is the need to belong and we really want to be accepted. Because of the trauma of being misunderstood and unaccepted that many of us experienced growing up and well into our adulthood, now it is the time to love ourselves hard and step into our power.

You see, there is a tremendous beauty in owning our high sensitivity and empathy. Instead of self-centred and lack-orientated competitiveness, we seek harmony and cooperation in the world. Instead of manipulating the circumstances, we are more trusting that we will get what is meant for us in the right time and in the right way. Instead of putting others down to make us look better, we are more inclined to recognise everyone’s contribution and be more supportive. Our inner lives are very rich, we love to learn and we have plenty of important things to say – with the right people and in the right environment. We respect, but go beyond the business key performance indicators, rules and polices – to show compassion for the human being, which promotes an environment in which employees can flourish. This is something to own with pride!

I often go over the events of my life – all the times when I was shunned, misunderstood and unappreciated, as a result of which I stopped loving myself. I go to each and every event like this and ask myself – should I have known what I know today, how would I act, think and be? I would have been very different – more loving to myself and more courageous. I shine today’s light and love at all those times when I felt hurt. I now set an intention to love myself hard and I feel accepted and acknowledged.

If you ever thought that there is something wrong with you due to your sensitivity and empathic qualities and you wish to embark on a journey to truly appreciate yourself, I would love to work with you. I am very passionate about highly sensitive and empathic people stepping into their true beauty and power.

Much love ❤️