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Three steps that helped me regain a sense of visibility and voice

Introverted, gentle, highly sensitive and empathic souls…have you ever felt invisible and silenced? 

Me? On so many levels.

As a quiet child whose voice had not been taken into account, with adults around who always knew better and didn’t ask for my opinions, ever.

As a woman whose wisdom had been suppressed in the patriarchal system that fails to accommodate both men and women.

As an introvert who is reflective, processes information very deeply and needs time to respond, who was dominated by the extroverts most of the time.

As a highly sensitive soul who felt and sensed too much, and built an armour of false indifference and unnecessary boldness in order to survive. 

If we do not step into our power, we can oh.. so easily fall the victims of the more forceful ones and the societal norms that do not serve us. 

We can too quickly jump to demonising them, so please, let’s not do that. We don’t need a war, because it weakens everyone concerned. Let’s step into our power instead and let’s be more at peace and let’s love. The world needs us to shift our minds and hearts to begin creating win-win solutions for all. 

In the world where we feel more empowered, we no longer play the victim-aggressor game. We are comfortable with who we are. We feel valuable because we value ourselves. We speak our truth with quiet confidence and we gracefully draw boundaries. We become visible and we speak up.

Here is what helped me regain my voice and a sense of visibility. It is deep work, so if you are willing to try this, dedicate the time and space you need:

1. Address each part of you which feels silenced and invisible. Maybe even go to the first time you felt this part of you. Talk to it. Listen to it. Hear it. See it. Acknowledge it. Embrace it. Honour it. Pour your love at it. Do you see it feeling important and acknowledged already? This exercise is the most potent when you focus on one aspect of you at a time.

2. Imagine each part getting the acknowledgement it needs, the attention it deserves. If the world was a place where we are all free from fear and we honour and truly respect one another, here is how I would speak and be… I love this visualisation because it allowed me to rehearse what then consequently became a reality for me.

3. As you go in the world and start to take up your space and voice, love yourself hard. It will feel wonderful sometimes and uncomfortable other times. Be kind in the same way you are kind and encouraging to a child who takes the first steps. Be your own support team, your own best friend.

I believe in you. You got this.

Much love,


[blog from former The Sensitive Kind Coaching practice]