Through the alchemy of your inner work, you can grow a powerful sense of self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love....of Wholeness

Do you want to put your limitations behind you for good?

True and lasting transformation happens from the inside out. As above, so below, as within, so without. Our undesirable life experiences mean we hold emotional blocks and limiting programmes within us and haven’t yet embraced our true essence.

Are you ready to look deeply within yourself and transform?

Our life is a mirror of who we vibrationally are. Our limiting thoughts and behaviours are a manifestation of the underlying beliefs of unworthiness, lack, feeling unlovable and not good enough…. This limiting programming robs us of peace and joy, limits our potential, and sometimes results in depression, anxiety and more. In the long term, it can also affect our precious bodies. Addressing our emotional baggage and limiting belief systems and working on a subtle level of the body enables a balanced state where our mind, emotions and body can self heal, and allows us to fulfil our highest potential.

Are you ready to reach out for greater peace, love and joy of life?

Understanding our limitations and transforming them, activating our untapped innate abilities, realising and aligning our lives with our most authentic essence – we can discover our own divinity and experience a true sense of Freedom and Wholeness.

You are issued a sacred invitation to heal, grow and transform your consciousness, so you can embody the freedom and flourishing you have been yearning for

Alchemy of Wholeness Dominika Sarosiek
Hello and warm welcome

I’m Dominika, an intuitive transformational coach, PSYCH-K® facilitator, Emotion Code® , Soul Plan, Reiki and Healing Circles practitioner. I’m dedicated to work with people who feel and sense deeply, to help them overcome challenges, particularly in the area of self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love. This is because I believe in Love as the highest transformational force in the world. Through our work together I can help you manifest bold visions for your life that align with your true nature. My ethos is to have a deep reverence for your innate wisdom and I give you the power throughout the entire process. I believe  fullness of life is your birthright and I am guided to help you:

  • Embody powerful self-esteem, self-love, self-acceptance, and joy of life
  • Transform relationships with self and others
  • Overcome limiting belief systems and self-destructive behaviours
  • Dissolve crippling fears and anxiety
  • Clear negative emotional charge from traumatic or stressful events
  • Find deep fulfilment and alignment with your true self

PSYCH-K® Sessions

Rapidly transform your limiting belief systems, resolve trauma and tackle fears to experience the freedom you deserve

Emotion Code® Sessions

Release emotional baggage to move forward in life.

Clear Heart Wall to improve connection with others.

Soul Plan Readings

Activate your life purpose to realise your highest potential on earth

Reiki Healing

Restore your mental, emotional and physical balance

Quantum Leap Programme

Turn your challenges, self-sabotaging behaviours, and lack of direction around... find peace, joy, purpose and thrive in life

Empowered HSP & Empath

Learn to love and harness your highly sensitive and empathic nature, find empowerment and strength within